Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grandmother's Advice from Spirit

Why a blog? Why now? I had been told by intuitives many times over the past few years that I should be writing.  Each time I heard it, I assumed that they were referring to the writing of a book and in preparation, I had started rereading the journals I had been keeping for most of my life, paying particular attention to the times I experienced spiritual and intuitive moments.  However, the idea of writing a book didn't really resonate with me at all.  It never occurred to me that the actual entries I was making in my journals were the writing these seers may have been referring to. Then exactly four weeks ago today, I attended an evening of mediumship at the International Spiritual Alliance and during that session, my paternal grandmother came through. She was holding out a basket filled with laundry and the message was that I had a "laundry basket full of choices" available to me, with freedom that she hadn't had in her lifetime.  She went on to say that she knew how overwhelmed I was feeling because I had so many  possibilities to chose from. That accurately described the last couple of years for me - I so had many ideas swirling around in my head, but wasn't taking action on any.  She then told me to act on just one or two of those ideas this year, that it was now time to choose, and if they failed to work out, it would be no big deal.  The key was for me to take action now.  She reminded me that I have connection to spirit, just as she did.  After showing herself holding me by the hand, I was told how much she loved me, and then she was gone.   Well, I took those words to heart and I committed to daily postings on this blog, the site and title of which I had actually set up almost two years ago but never posted a single word.   I am so grateful to my grandmother for coming through and giving me the loving push I needed to send me on my way. 

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