Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Angel Answers

A few weeks after my mother died, I was resting on a stone beside the creek near my home, thinking about her and asking for a sign so that we would know she was with us as we were celebrating my daughter's graduation later that day.  When I met up with my daughter a couple of hours later, she related an incident which had occurred to her at exactly the same time that my request was being made to my mother.  She had been walking along the sea wall path and in contrast to previous outings, had decided not to listen to music en route.  Suddenly, a tinkling sound caught her attention and when she turned around to investigate, she realized that the tiny pewter angel ornament which had been her Oma's, had fallen off her key chain and now lay upon the pavement!  Had she been plugged in to her tunes, that precious moment would have gone unnoticed.  Upon her return home, she handed me the angel, and it is safely nestled in my jewellery box as a constant reminder that angels are listening, and if we are available, we will hear the answers.