Friday, March 4, 2011

You Are Enough

There are those in our midst who are great visionaries, peacemakers, teachers, researchers, artists, scientists, all making an obvious difference in our world.  I am not one of these.  When I start to compare my own existence to those who are living such seemingly more important lives, I recall the words spoken to me when I voiced this concern to the Universe.  I heard the answer, "You Are Enough."  I need only to think about the yellow daffodil in my garden and be reminded that her only concern is to become the best flower she can, given the conditions within and around her.  She doesn't compare herself to the rich red colouring of the tulip, the height of the gladiola, the petite blossom of the snowdrop.  Instead, her efforts go solely into being the best daffodil she can.  When she has succeeded in creating the magnificent flower she was meant to be, my life is enriched as a result.   


Gena said...

Of all the people I know, I'm surprised that you don't feel you have/are making any big contibutions to this world. The impact you've had on my little part of the planet has been a life-changing one for me. And I'm pretty sure tha Brook Parker and ScottMiller would argue that you had a lot to do with the loving, beautiful wives that that each of them married. I think it was the buddha who
said that comparison was the root of all unhappiness. Bloom where you're planted, my love. You are one of the fairest flowers in this glorious garden called life.

Vera said...

As always, your words touch me deep in my heart.