Saturday, March 12, 2011

Invaluable Gifts

Kelly, you are such a beautiful, loving, and caring person.  You are also very petite, prompting the words cute and sweet to fall from my lips when describing you to others.  You are one of the strongest women I know - a rock for your friends and family.  No one should have to endure what you have these past few years. The family dinner the eight of us shared a week and a half ago was full of laughter, good stories, and affection for each other.  Then, last Thursday evening you and Michael made those delicious chicken fajitas for the four of us, and again, we shared dinner, conversation, and most importantly, each other's company.  The two of you so happy together and on top of the world.  Those evenings, along with countless ones before, are invaluable gifts that I will hold in my heart forever as we all move forward into this new reality.  My heart is filled with love for you as I watch you dig deep to draw on that strength you carry so that we may share the gift of many more meals together. 

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