Thursday, March 27, 2014

Extra Measure of Care

Is there something in the stars, or just poor judgement? Within the past few days, I have witnessed several, serious incidents of driver inattention, all occurring within a short radius of my home. Somewhat unnerving, to say the least. Thankfully, none resulted in fatalities.  
Last Saturday, while walking on the sidewalk near a busy intersection, I watched a car blow right through a red light. Luckily, no one was hit. Moments later, at the very same light, a vehicle pulled out to make a right turn on a red, without any regard for the traffic proceeding through on the green. Numerous drivers were forced to slam on their brakes in order to avoid an accident. Fortunately, the pedestrians had already crossed.  
On Tuesday, while driving along an on-ramp to the highway, heading to the library with my granddaughter, I saw a car spinning out two lanes over, then hitting the median, before it eventually stopped. When I glanced ahead, I realized that the driver was reacting to the pickup truck that had just come to a halt, a short distance ahead in that same lane, facing the wrong way.  (Coincidentally, a couple of weeks earlier, within spitting distance of this spot, I came upon a three-car accident that had just occurred, due to a drunk driver travelling the wrong way.) 
Then today, my older daughter, with baby in tow, was driving down a main thoroughfare when a car pulled out from an alley, hitting my daughter's vehicle. No one was hurt, thank heaven.  
Please let us all take an extra measure of care when driving.  We all want our loved ones to arrive home safely.  Believe me, no one wants to experience the alternative.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ready to Live Life

Early Saturday morning, almost a week before his due date and a mere half hour after mom's arrival at the hospital, a healthy baby boy was born. Apparently, our little Pisces grandson can hardly wait to get on with living his life!  Celebrating his birth with champagne and sushi, we welcomed this precious being into our family. Let the adventures begin.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Years In

Hi Michael,
   Mom here. Three years in, and it's still so hard living with this experience of a mother losing a child. No doubt there have been difficult circumstances in previous lives as well, but still, this is a tough one. I miss you so much.
   How are you doing? Are you considering coming back soon or do you need more time? I have no idea what the space between lives looks like. Maybe you'll still be there when I return.
   Thank you for continuing to stay close and helping me see the signs. The need to know you are near is still strong. I know you were watching earlier this week while I played some of your favourite music, loudly. A playlist compiled by your friends, largely made up of songs I had not heard before your death. I felt deeply connected to you while listening to the lyrics, which had spoken to you, and were now speaking to me. And once my tears had given way to dancing, I could see you smiling, and dancing too.
Love Mom ♥ 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Preparing for Birth

The newest member of our family is due to arrive later this month - a second grandchild for me.  A he or she?  My gut says a boy.  Either way, all will soon be revealed.  While his tiny human form dons its finishing touches in preparation for birth, there are likely some intense, last-minute conversations occurring amongst the spirits.  His soul family all helping him fine tune his wish list of experiences and opportunities for this upcoming lifetime.  As he readies himself to move from the realm he currently calls home, his earth family patiently waits to embrace him here.