Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's in a Name?

Many of my younger friends and acquaintances are welcoming little ones into the world.  Such an exciting time.  Early on, one of the big decisions is choosing a suitable name.  When our baby boy was born, all those years ago, we settled on Michael James Gibson, ten days later.  As he grew older, most of his family and friends began using the shorter form, Mike.  However, I made a point of calling him Michael.  When he was in his mid-teens, I explained why.  The two versions of the name each have their own unique energies, and consequently, affect personality and character differently.  Going by Mike potentially means having a harder time of it, versus answering to Michael.  Obviously, there are many factors outside of a person's first name, impacting one's life path.  Nonetheless, when I discovered this information, I decided it couldn’t hurt.  When recently flipping through the book describing all this in detail, I noticed the name Kelly listed in the same classification as Mike.  Out of a possible 81 distinct categories, including 1058 culturally diverse names, these two were in a group of a dozen monikers, sharing identical energetic influences.  Another curious coincidence in the lives of those two. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pure and Precious Moments

After spending a few hours playing with Kennedy, as well as cuddling her, feeding her, bathing her, and kissing her a thousand times over, here I sit, writing in my daughter's home.  Happily babysitting. The only sounds, other than the clicking of the keyboard, are ones of breathing.  Here in the family room, mine, and those of the two dogs curled up on their cushions before me.  Via the baby monitor, those my granddaughter makes while sleeping upstairs in her crib.  Feeling blessed to be passing my Saturday night this way.  With a full heart, experiencing life's most pure and precious moments.  Smiling as I consider how amusing it would be trying to explain this to my younger self.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Divine Illumination

Waking with lingering impressions of a particularly clear and poignant dream.  In it, travelling with the trailer, just as we currently are.  However, in this scenario, stopping en route for a short layover at our cabin.  Running into one of Michael's friends who actually lives in that area.  Asking me if he and a buddy could spend the night with us, in our cottage.  Explaining that it is a little too hectic at his family's home right now.  Replying, "Of course, anytime."  Sensing this young man's compassionate nature, while receiving his  big bear hug from behind.  He wanting to know how I was doing.  Assuring him that I was well, and thanking him for inquiring.  A short time later, all of us relaxing around the fire outdoors.  Soon after,  his sister unexpectedly stopping by with a gift.  Extending her hand, and offering me a ring.  Mentioning that when first spotting it, she had instantly known it was meant for me.  A perfect, round stone, mounted upon a smooth gold band.  Somewhat pearl-like in appearance.  Its lower half, slate grey in colour.  The upper portion, glowing brilliant white.  Immediately understanding the powerful symbolism.  Even with, or possibly due to, underlying darkness, there exists in life an equal measure of beauty and light.  This dream casting divine illumination on the day ahead. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Integrating Ideas and Choices

Off on an extended road trip.  My husband and I leaving to explore southwestern regions of the USA.  Bob's Idea; the impetus behind this adventure, as well as the name of our newly acquired trailer. Happy to go along for the ride.  With the understanding that I will be flying home without him a couple of times during this journey, in order to visit my granddaughter.  Before departing, mentioning this aspect of the expedition to others.  Unexpectedly, meeting up with bewilderment on occasion.  Some friends, even close relatives, unable to fathom this personal requirement.  Knowing me to be someone who has loved extensive travel in the past.  However, I am currently finding long trips away unappealing.  Open to the possibility that this may change in the future.  Confidently making the choice that makes sense in the present.