Friday, October 5, 2012

Integrating Ideas and Choices

Off on an extended road trip.  My husband and I leaving to explore southwestern regions of the USA.  Bob's Idea; the impetus behind this adventure, as well as the name of our newly acquired trailer. Happy to go along for the ride.  With the understanding that I will be flying home without him a couple of times during this journey, in order to visit my granddaughter.  Before departing, mentioning this aspect of the expedition to others.  Unexpectedly, meeting up with bewilderment on occasion.  Some friends, even close relatives, unable to fathom this personal requirement.  Knowing me to be someone who has loved extensive travel in the past.  However, I am currently finding long trips away unappealing.  Open to the possibility that this may change in the future.  Confidently making the choice that makes sense in the present. 

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