Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's in a Name?

Many of my younger friends and acquaintances are welcoming little ones into the world.  Such an exciting time.  Early on, one of the big decisions is choosing a suitable name.  When our baby boy was born, all those years ago, we settled on Michael James Gibson, ten days later.  As he grew older, most of his family and friends began using the shorter form, Mike.  However, I made a point of calling him Michael.  When he was in his mid-teens, I explained why.  The two versions of the name each have their own unique energies, and consequently, affect personality and character differently.  Going by Mike potentially means having a harder time of it, versus answering to Michael.  Obviously, there are many factors outside of a person's first name, impacting one's life path.  Nonetheless, when I discovered this information, I decided it couldn’t hurt.  When recently flipping through the book describing all this in detail, I noticed the name Kelly listed in the same classification as Mike.  Out of a possible 81 distinct categories, including 1058 culturally diverse names, these two were in a group of a dozen monikers, sharing identical energetic influences.  Another curious coincidence in the lives of those two. 

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