Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Small White Feathers

Last Sunday afternoon, as I was gazing out the front den window I noticed two small white objects floating down through the air.  At first glance they appeared to be very large snowflakes but I knew that was impossible as it was too sunny and warm outside.  Then I thought that they could be small feathers but I didn't think any more about it. A while later I was downstairs looking out the back kitchen window and observed two more of these objects drifting down.  This time it made an impression and I wondered what the significance might be.  On Monday morning I opened the den door to the front deck and noticed two small white fluffy feathers lying right before me.  I then went down to the french doors by the back deck and noticed two more waiting right outside.  I gathered them all up and put them on my desk.  A few hours later, a constable came to our home to inform us of our son's death which had happened early that morning.  I have put those feathers in a glass dish for safe keeping - I feel that angels were sending me a sign. 

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