Friday, March 11, 2011

Brown Clowns

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.  Among other things, they are intelligent, silly, active, fun and easy to just hang out with. They are game for whatever is going on. Diesel was the dog version of our son, with his infectious smile, caring eyes, love of water, and cabin life.  Both living in the moment.  Those two had such a deep bond and understanding of each other, with Michael teaching Diesel new tricks right to the end. Hogan, our friend's dog, Diesel's half brother and hiking buddy, had flowers sent to our home yesterday along with a card to let us know how much he misses him.  Our daughter's dog Gulliver, Diesel's nephew, has been spending more time here with us as we all share stories and comfort each other.  The three of them, AKA the "Brown Clowns", enjoyed such great times together at the cabin.  We will miss Diesel so much but it was destined that he would leave with his best friend Michael so that they could continue sharing their good times together! 


Ashley said...

Of course as I was reading this I thought of Crocket and how labs are just so full of personality. Diesel was such a great dog, but we all know he was more than just a dog.

Vera said...

Your words are those of a true dog lover.