Thursday, June 16, 2011

Michael Shares

Last night, I attended another powerful evening of mediumship at the ISA.  A good friend arrived as well and was able to share this experience with me.  About an hour in, the medium asked if she could come to me.  She mentioned that before the session started, she had overheard me saying that our family had hosted a memorial golf tournament for my son.  She then stated that he had been there with us and proceeded to share what was coming through from him. The following is what she said recorded as accurately as possible, without having taped the session.  My own observations, which I noted to myself while she was speaking, are in brackets:
He had a great sense of humour and things would come out of his mouth that made people laugh, not at him, but with him.  There was so much laughter at the celebration with some people laughing so hard that they were falling down! (absolutely)  During the golf game, many balls were lost including coloured ones, even a green one.  People did not even bother looking for them.  Apparently one ended up in a tree and you will find it some day without purposefully have to go looking for it.  There were many wild shots played out there. (Personally I lost 4 pink balls and did not spend much time looking for any of them) He was amazed by all the food we had and would have loved to have had some.  He loved to eat.  He could not believe how many people were there and was impressed that there was room for them all. (66 ) He wondered if the floor would collapse under the weight of so many people. (Bob actually reinforced the deck earlier this spring for just that reason) He was proud of the family for helping others with what has happened.  He had wanted to help others as well and was beginning to do that in his life.  He is happy that you honoured him in this way.  This tournament was the kind of thing he would have loved and enjoyed. ( I had this conversation with many people during the weekend)  By doing this you were creating memories and he had talked about making memories when he was alive. ( Bob and I specifically talked about this Sunday morning while we watched Michael's friends out on the dock rehashing the previous day) He is around you often, hears you talking to him, and knows that you hear him too. When he passed he immediately knew it was the right time to go. ( I knew that the moment I heard the news) The phrase "bass ackwards" came through.  ( I often use this play on "ass backwards" to describe crazy actions)  He knows that you are grieving, but that you are not stuck.  Once you got over the initial realization of what had happened you were able to start moving forward.  (Absolutely correct)
As my friend later commented, his words came through with playful, happy energy, infused with his sense of humour. I left feeling nurtured and uplifted. Connected and grateful. An experience chosen by few, available to all. 

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