Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

As I reflect upon this upcoming Father's Day, many thoughts come flooding in.  Gratitude for the challenging relationship between my father and I which has enabled me to learn so much.  Loving him but choosing not to spend time with him.  Our karma.  As for my husband, he and his father of 87 years keep in touch regularly, and will celebrate their relationship with a shared meal tonight.  The space that was filled with Michael will loom large as one father sits with his only son, who in turn is enduring the loss of his only son.  Sunday, golf and a BBQ where my husband will be showered with love from his living children.  Different fathers, different experiences.  All receiving love.

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Gena said...

Wow! Thank you for showing Fathers' Day from Bob and Jim's perspective. So often, I get lost in the woods of my own experience that I forget what it must be like for others. Your blog is thought- provoking and each time I read it, I am reminded that we are all one.