Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Star and Starfish

A few days ago,  I experienced another magnificent guided mediation. As I followed his voice, the facilitator led me to a tranquil ocean beach, whereupon he suggested I put down a blanket, explore the surroundings, then return to the blanket where I would find a gift that had been left just for me.  In the silence that followed, I waded into the ocean and began swimming with the sea turtles that were close by.  I was so pleased to notice that no snorkel or mask was needed since I was underwater in spirit form and could therefore swim unencumbered.  I was in awe as the turtles allowed me to come close enough to stroke their large shells and feel their quiet strength.  Leaving the water to stroll back, I was reminded of how much Michael had loved these reptiles - in addition to having them as pets, he had collected glass, ceramic and plastic turtles as well.  When I arrived back at my rose coloured cotton blanket, lying there was a small silver star shaped pendant on a delicate chain.  A short distance away I saw another little pendant, the same shape as the first one with the addition of tiny raised bumps on it.  It was a starfish.  As I looked from one to the other,  the phrase, "As above, so below" came to me.  Then a long elastic band configured into a vertical infinity symbol appeared and as I stepped into it's path, I was able to travel up and down it with great ease.  It was with great reluctance that I left that serene place as the facilitator's voice gently prompted me to fully return to the room.  I was left with a very peaceful feeling and powerful reminder.  The stars may appear to be up in the heavens and the starfish down under the water but they are very closely connected, and to move between one and the other is not difficult at all.  

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