Thursday, May 26, 2011

Autopsy and Ashes

Four more emotionally charged conversations related to my son's death, all within a few hours.  First, yet another call to the BC Coroner's office trying to track down the one form I still need to obtain from them.  I was informed once again that the Autopsy Report has not yet been completed which means their office cannot fill in the Physician's Statement I require.  This was followed by a phone call to the insurance company explaining my delay in not being able to supply them with all the information they have requested.  Then, I received a call from Boal Chapel reminding me that they are still waiting for my husband's signature before they can proceed with placing Michael's ashes in the space we have chosen.  That was followed by another call from them a short time later wondering when my younger daughter would pick up the small portion of the remains she had asked for.  An autopsy on my son's body.  Discussing his ashes again.  These conversations leave me struggling to fully breathe.  Thankfully all the people I had to talk to were extremely compassionate and kind, which makes it all a little easier to endure.

Update: Just after I posted this earlier today, I received yet another call enquiring about the proofing of his marker, which I had already signed off on four weeks ago!  Maybe I should have hired a personal assistant to take care of all these details because it sometimes feels like it is all too much for me to bear.

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Breathing Life said...

It is an odd part of our society that those who are grieving need to deal with all the details as well. My heart is with you.