Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Young Girl's Gift

Today I opened an envelope which contained artwork from a six year girl I have only met once or twice.  As I contemplated her drawing and read the accompanying card, I was so moved that my eyes began to water as love filled my heart.  Her grandparents are cabin neighbours, and this child had occasionally seen Michael and his friends at the lake.  I was told that when she overheard the adults discussing the sad events that had transpired, she had asked her mother for a piece of paper.  She then created a joyful, sunny scene in which Mike, Kelly and Diesel all have angel wings, and everyone, including my husband and I, are smiling with hearts floating above our heads.  In the card, her mother shared the daughter's explanation that she drew the three of them as the most beautiful angels ever seen, watching over everyone they love.  This child also wanted her mother to let me know that, " He loves his family very much and that he's watching over you all the time with a big smile."  That everlasting smile.  What a precious gift of creative expression this young girl shared.


Gena said...

Out of the mouths of babes...What a lovely story. I'm guessing her picture is one you'll have framed.

Vera said...

I will definitely frame it!

Helen said...

What a generous heart she has and what an openness and awareness. MIke and Kelly's love was felt beyond the boundaries of property and beyond the boundaries of dimension. Their love was a gift which they shared, sometimes unknowingly, as evidenced by this young girl's being touched by them in life. Obviously she continues to sense that love from beyond. Now that gift extends to others through her drawing for you and your sharing of the story with others. The ripples may never cease.