Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paperwork Pile-Up

Just get 'er done!  Today, on what seems like the millionth rainy day of the year, I will be working at my desk tackling the ever growing pile of paperwork related to my son's life and death.  There are still some outstanding bills to pay, a life insurance claim to process, accounts to close, and official reports to track down.  It will feel good to get some of this taken care of because the longer this collection of documents continues to sit there staring at me, the harder it is to deal with.  However, before I begin this daunting task, I will go out for a run to feel that life and breath connection which will help sustain me for the work I need to do.


Gena said...

I would be happy to lend a hand, if you need one. Just say the word.

Vera said...

You're the best! I'll be okay, it will just take time, but thanks so much for the offer.