Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Son's Birthday

January 8, 1986.  The day my baby boy was born.  So many thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head and heart today.  Carrying that little life full of potential.  Expecting him to be a her.  Thrilled to be wrong.  Easiest baby ever.  Such a loving and playful child.  Growing into a confused, risk taking teen.  So many ups and downs.  Becoming a young man attempting to find his way.  Spending his last birthday in the hospital.  Having again walked to the middle of the bridge the evening before.  Contemplating suicide once more.  Then picking up the pieces and finding resolve.  Optimism and hope.  Twenty-five.  For years the magic number friends and acquaintances were repeating. Assuring me that often boys did not begin to mature until then.  For Michael, celebrating twenty-five birthdays would be all that he needed. There would be no more.  Cannot begin to describe what it feels like to be observing this day without him. 


Gena said...

I remember the morning he was born and the call from Bob. As soon as I heard Bob's voice, I knew your baby was here, and I cried, "Nooooooo" because I wanted him to be born the next day, on my birthday. Never-the-less, we were still two Capricorns, Aries rising, Moon in Sag. Bound by the stars, today I wear my Michael Star and wish my astro-twin a happy birthday.

Breathing Life said...

There is a destiny in the stars that none of us truly know. He is lucky to have you all as his family.
Connecting with your journey through your blog reminds me everyday that we need to be kinder - to ourselves, to everyone, because we just don't know.