Thursday, January 26, 2012

Telepathic Abilities

Telepathy.  Tuning into each other's minds.  An experience many can relate to.  Completing a thought concerning another individual and shortly thereafter receiving communication from them.  Making a game of this with my children when they were young.  Finding myself experiencing this phenomenon more often now.  Frequently receiving confirmation within seconds.  Generally in person or through phone conversation.  Most recently via text.  Promptly receiving the precise answer to a question I had barely finished mentally formulating.  One this individual and I had not previously discussed.  Subsequently, allowing my imagination to wander.  Considering the notion of people marvelling at the digital tools available for immediate communication. Imagining future generations looking back on this era with fondness. They remarking how quaint it was that their forefathers believed they had made such progress.  Before mankind began directing more effort into further developing innate telepathic abilities.  No longer dependent on cumbersome equipment to all be sharing thoughts instantly with each other.  Tapping into the potential that lies within.

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