Monday, January 16, 2012

Ongoing Love Story

An ongoing love story.  Reiterating this theme to others a couple of times during the weekend.  Explaining that so much around Michael and Kelly's passing revolves around love.  Then, spending yesterday afternoon with my husband in the heart of the city.  Enjoying a leisurely lunch, followed by an ocean side walk along the seawall.  Under cool and sunny skies.  Both of us filled with gratitude and contentment. Soaking it all in.  By chance, glancing down onto the beach below. Instantly stopping to take in a heartwarming sight.  A huge creative expression of love formed with large stones.  Laid out vertically, close to three metres long.  Beginning with the letter K at the top, followed by the outline of a heart, with the letter M underneath.  K ♡ M.  Amazing. Had thoughts of what to make for dinner or concerns about next week been occupying my mind, this gift would likely have gone unnoticed. Being present, in the moment.  Open and available to enjoy this heartening opportunity to connect with love. 

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Gena said...

Just goes to show you that love never dies.