Friday, January 6, 2012

Ten Months or Last Year

Tomorrow marks ten months since the accident.  Observing how different it feels to state that it happened last year.  To say that my son died last year.  A simple word substitution causing such a pronounced shift in perspective.  Discussing it in terms of 'months' indicating that the event occurred recently.  Very much reflecting the way it still feels. The words 'last year' implying it transpired some time ago.  Noting reluctance on my part to describe it this way.  Due to the assumption of less intense emotional attachment perhaps.  Not ready for that yet.  Still perceiving that it happened such a short time ago.  That curious concept of time coming into play once again.  The stark reality is that the event happened.  The language used when referring to it does not alter the actual incident.  What is does is affect and reflect my reaction to it.  Two separate issues.  One I can choose to change, the other I cannot.

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