Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Choose Our Parents

The first time I heard the concept "We Choose our Parents", was when I was in my early twenties. I remember being very confused by it at the time but it stuck with me and over the years I slowly began to comprehend and know that it was so. As I struggled to understand the challenging relationship I had with my father, it helped immensely when I was finally able to see that he was absolutely the right father for me and that I had learned so much from him. By acknowledging that I had chosen him to be my father, it allowed me to feel grateful and know that without him, I would not be the person I am today. As a parent myself, this understanding is a great comfort to me - knowing that my children came into this world choosing me to be their mother and that our relationship was chosen in order to continue challenging us to be the greatest version of ourselves.

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