Thursday, February 17, 2011

The River as a Teacher

The Capilano is a deep and majestic river, mere minutes from my home where I often walk my dog Diesel and lose myself in nature. One day not too long ago, I was contemplating the power of the water as it roared over the boulders and was struck by the awareness that each of those single water drops does not obsess about what it's purpose here on earth may be, or of it's worth as an individual being the way I sometimes can. Instead, there is a deep knowing that all that is required is that it be it's full self and that by doing that, together they can literally move mountains and are powerful beyond measure.


Unknown said...

Hi Vera, I am enjoying your blog. Your thoughts are a profound guide and have inspired me to be a better person. Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day, Adriana

Vera said...

Thank you Adriana - I'm filled with gratitude that you are finding my stories inspiring.