Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Good" or "Bad"

One day I arrived home after taking Diesel for a walk, only to find that I had locked myself out of the house. Without a spare key nor an open window to climb through, I could have labelled the situation "bad" and allowed myself to get frustrated wondering how long I would be waiting. Instead, I chose to embrace it, gardening for an hour and a half in the sunshine while throwing a ball for Diesel. We then walked to Edgemont Village, a few blocks away, and as I sat on a bench enjoying a sandwich, a young woman set up on the corner and began singing Jazz songs for all to enjoy (something I had not witnessed there before nor since then). Four hours after my initial discovery, my neighbour returned home and found a spare key which the previous owner of my home had given him years before.  I felt pure gratitude for the joy the afternoon had brought, all due to that initial "bad" incident of being locked out

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