Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Diamond Slippers are Getting Too Small

Last Friday afternoon, I met up with one of my daughters at a local cafe, and as we were enjoying our coffees outside in the sun, a woman we both know from the gym stopped by.  I know her to be a spiritual person, having had to make sense of some difficult events in her life.  She proceeded to tell us about the previous weekend's family ski trip, including how cold it had been and how long the line ups were.  Seconds after finishing her story, she stopped, realized the pettiness of her complaints, and with a hearty laugh declared, "My diamond slippers are getting too small!" What a fabulous expression! I am blessed with such an abundant life, and most of the time I'm able to keep a healthy perspective about what's going on around me, but when I do find myself starting to complain, I will remind myself that my diamond slippers are getting too small!


Gena said...

And please remind me, when my inner eye sees only lack instead of abundance, that my diamond slippers must be getting too small.

Vera said...

It's definitely a multi-purpose expression!