Friday, February 25, 2011

Spiking Energies

A couple of months ago, as I contemplated the arrival of 2011, I sensed that we were coming into a time of great shifting energies and leaving behind the balanced feel of 2010.  Since the middle of December, the energy has been spiking wildly all around me, rapidly moving from extreme highs to deep lows and back again.  It seems every time I turn around, there's another huge shift from one to the other, playing out in all aspects of my life, that of my family members, and with some of my friends and acquaintances.  It wasn't until yesterday that I became consciously aware that what I'm experiencing on a personal level is what is simultaneously playing out on the world stage.  Of course it makes perfect sense and my only surprise is that it took me this long to remember the correlation - we are all connected. It is a time of dramatic changes and upheaval, with foundations being challenged, all of which is setting the stage for a stronger and improved existence for all. Intuitively, I notice that I crave more meditative time now which helps me stay the course.  If you are feeling these energies, perhaps that will help you too. 

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