Friday, February 18, 2011

Strength and Beauty

Today I awoke to a cool and sunny morning, with snow covered mountains, and a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. What a contrast to the storm that blew through last night with it's lightening, thunder, wind and snow. Add to that mix a full moon and we had an enormous amount of powerful energy swirling in and around us. I will focus on carrying all that strength and beauty within me today so that I may be my best self for whatever comes my way.


Gena said...

Carry that strength with you today and every day to be the best you can be! That's like the advice you gave me in the elevator of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.You said ( I'm paraphrasing )that the key to feeling good about your life is to try and be the best person possible, and to that end, consider each action in terms of how it serves you in that endeavor. What propels us further on the path - eating donuts in front of the TV or walking over to a yoga class? Hmmmmm.

Vera said...

If we incorporate the concept of balance here, it could be a donut on the way home from your yoga class!