Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a perfect day to remember that Love is the most important energy to focus on - Love for others and Love for oneself. As I go through my day today I will remember to breathe in Love from the Universe, and then breathe out Love to everyone and everything around me. To do this, I visualize my heart as a waterwheel and as I breathe in slowly and deeply, Love fills each bucket, and as I breathe out, Love empties from each bucket and I consciously send it out to all that's around me. As I repeat this cycle, I feel more and more loving to myself and to others. Happy Valentine's Day!


Gena said...

What a lovely image to help you focus on love coming in and going out. Thanks for sharing it! Do you have anything you visualize to release the past?

Vera said...

I don't have a particular visualization to recommend. In my experience it usually involves being humble, going deep within and asking my higher self to show me what I'm still not seeing in relation to the situation, and then taking the time to be still so that I can "hear" what it is I need to know in order to move on. Hope that helps.