Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to Rest

A few days ago, I experienced a guided meditation wherein the facilitator described a scene with sun shining through the trees, as I meandered along the path beside a creek in the forest. His words left me sitting on a small rock by the water's edge where I continued with the rest of my experience.  My first thought was that I desired a much larger rock, so it instantly transformed into a boulder.  When I realized that it wasn't very comfortable to sit on, a very thick layer of moss appeared on top.  Feeling the urge now to lie down, I curled up in a fetal position on that inviting moss bed.  As I lay there, I noticed a deer quietly observing me and heard children's laughter coming from downstream.  While I was resting in the warmth of the filtered sunshine, a thin blue blanket appeared, covering my body from the neck down.  A motherly energy began stroking me gently along the back of my head and down my back.  All I could think of was how comforting this felt, and how deeply tired I was.  I was told that I could sleep there for as long as I needed to, and that there would be no nightfall nor temperature change for the equivalent of three to four days.  It was interesting to observe that time was being described in the way we measure it in human form, since it doesn't exist that way in spirit. We were then called back from our meditation and I was so thankful for this nourishing reminder to take as long as I need in order to restore my energy.

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