Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Grass Blade's Resolve

I love walking along the back roads near our cabin where I can observe the wildlife, while surrounded by beautiful scenery.  On one of the asphalt covered roads, I notice what I consider to be amazing feats of resolve. Every once in  a while, about one or two feet in from the edge of the road, I see a few tufts of grass growing.  It is not because they are taking advantage of a crack in the surface but rather, one cell at a time, these particular blades of grass have opted to push their way out from the darkness underneath this seemingly solid piece of asphalt, and have now arrived in the light.  It doesn't seem at all possible but yet there they are, flourishing, while their counterparts stay stuck deep down in the dark.  If a blade of grass can accomplish such greatness, what might you and I be capable of?

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Gena said...

Very thought-provoking...The only limits we have to achieving our own individual greatness exist between our ears.