Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kelly's and Michael's Spirits Give Thanks

Attending an evening of mediumship always leaves me feeling deeply connected to spirit, but last night was extraordinary as one of my daughters and I experienced very powerful connections.  Words are woefully inadequate when trying to describe such encounters as it is something one must personally experience in order to fully comprehend, but I will share some of the highlights.  Not long into the session, Kelly came through to speak to me.  Information the medium shared so that we would know it was her included: a young person who wore her heart on her sleeve, endured some challenging relationships, was full of love,  a caregiver for the group, didn't like discord, and put much effort into trying to ensure everyone around her was happy but that it didn't always work out that way.  The medium saw many stuffed animals around her and let us know that she had been a very compassionate person who loved animals. Kelly then shared that she was continuing on with her growth on a different level now, was very happy (reiterating what she had communicated last time she came through), and pleased that she was able to come through again.  Her message to me was to thank me for being a mother figure in her life.  A short time later, Michael came through to communicate with his sister there.  The medium described the exact challenges Michael had struggled with for so long, and shared that even though he always had the best intentions in life and really wanted to do better, he could not stay the course, but that he had been okay with the consequences for his actions along the way. He also described feeling so alone much of the time. The message from Michael was that he recognized how much effort his sister had always put into trying to help him and that he wanted to thank her for that.  We were shown that my mother, his Oma, had been praying for him during those difficult years as she tried to help him from the other side, with the expression, "Mercy on your soul" coming through . The words Brother and January were also communicated ( the month of Michael and this sister's birthdays).   Kelly and Michael shared many other details with us, and we were both so very thankful that they made the effort to come through with more evidence of their continued existence.  

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