Monday, April 11, 2011

I Heart K P

It was definitely the right weekend for my husband and I to take our first trip back up to the cabin since that fateful day.  With the sun shining and all the signs of spring along the way, the energy was lighter and brighter than it otherwise might have been. When we arrived early Friday afternoon, there was still a thin layer of ice on the lake, but by Saturday, there were some patches of open water, and on Sunday morning, about half of the lake was ice free.  When we returned from our run yesterday, my husband stood out on the deck, and gazing down onto a frozen section of the lake close to our beach, he noticed that there were huge symbols and letters out there. At first, he only recognized a large heart but then realized that there were also three letters carved into the ice, I K P, with the heart symbol positioned between the I and the K.   I Heart K P, I love Kelly Pockett.  He called me over to share what he had discovered.  As I read the image, I felt a smile break out on my face and in my heart.  By today, that picture will be gone, as the lake readies itself for summer. The message however, will remain forever.  How fortunate we were to be able to witness that declaration of love.


Gena said...

Oh my goodness- aren't you glad you went this weekend to see Michael's message to Kelly! How beautiful.

Ashley said...

It's like it was waiting for you to see it first.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you were able to see that before it melted away! I take solace knowing how much he truly loves Kelly... I know for sure that she is well taken care of wherever she is now :)