Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Gratitude

Focusing on gratitude daily helps me stay optimistic in difficult times. Today I am grateful for having had twenty five years of being Michael's mother, for all the joy as well as the difficult times that brought.  I am grateful for having a life partner who loves me, values our relationship, and makes me laugh often.  I am grateful for my two smart, beautiful, loving daughters who know the value of having a strong family and good friends. I am grateful for my two intelligent, dependable, and caring son-in-laws who would go to the ends of the earth for almost anyone.  I am grateful for my brother who is there for me in so many ways, always.  I am grateful for my friends and my extended family for sharing themselves with me. I am grateful for the people in my community for caring so much about each other and valuing connection.  What are you grateful for today?


Kindread said...
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Breathing Life said...

I am grateful for our friendship of 33+ years.