Thursday, April 21, 2011

Future Surfing

I first heard the phrase "Future Surfing" at an Al-Anon meeting about a year ago, and since then I have often used it to guide my thinking back to the present moment.  When I am faced with a difficult life situation, I sometimes allow my thoughts to tumble forward and imagine painful future scenarios, resulting in anxiety and dread.  What if he leaves me? What if she doesn't like what I have to tell her?  What if he starts drinking again? The reality of course is that I cannot control any of these outcomes.  Instead of "Future Surfing" I can focus on the present, look within and choose behaviour that is based on being true to myself today.  As we hear so often, all we ever have is today.


Helen said...

I am happy to learn this term. I think it will be a god practice for me too

Gena said...

Can Future Surfing be a good thing if your thoughts are about the positive things you want to attract into your life?

Vera said...

For me it''s an expression that is connected with negative thinking but you could use it in any way that makes sense to you.