Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

What was I thinking?   It was Easter Sunday, the first holiday occasion without Michael.  It was also the anniversary of my mother's passing, so out to the cemetery I went.  Bad idea.  I only visit four times a year and had not been there since January.  Standing alone at her grave and thinking about my son being with her now, the realization that he would never again sit down with us to share a celebration hit me very hard.  He would always be with us in spirit but obviously it wouldn't be the same.  Thankfully, my husband and I were meeting our oldest daughter and son-in-law at a lovely restaurant for brunch later that afternoon.  What a lifesaver that was, transporting me to a place of gratitude.   Without that,  it would have been a very grey day, not just in terms of the dreary weather.  Once again, appreciating what is in my life, not what is gone, is what got me through the day.

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Gena said...

Thinking of you. xxoo G.