Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Ball to Share

The sun was shining, the buds on the branches were in various stages of development, and Gulliver with his tail wagging, was carrying a huge stick in his mouth.  Such a deep feeling of contentment settled over me as I strolled along the trail this morning.  My thoughts drifted to one of the many lessons I had learned from my dog Diesel.  While walking, he would often find a tennis ball in the forest that had been left behind by another dog.  After repeatedly fetching and carrying this treasure, he would eventually drop it and continue on our outing without the ball, leaving it for the next clever dog to discover.  This one ball would bring much joy to so many.  No need for each one to have his own.   Trusting that there would be another ball to share in the future.  How beautiful! 

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