Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Parker

This is what hope and joy look like.  A little one making its way into our family.   All of us lovingly awaiting the spring arrival of you, Baby Parker.  Visions of your soul and Uncle Mike conferring ahead of time. About where and when to incarnate.  Some serious discussion.  Much laughter too.  Spending pure quality time together.  Choosing Michael's oldest sister and her husband to be the parents.  Two people keen on giving your life the best possible beginnings.  Surrounded by loving family and friends.  Great choice little one.  Very much looking forward to welcoming you into my arms soon.  You having already found a place in my heart.


Ashley said...

So very very excited for them!! And excited for you and Bob, and for Kate to be an aunt!

Gena said...

Oh, there will be hugging snd kissing and cuddling and snuggling as love comes pitter-pattering into our lives.