Friday, November 18, 2011

Amusing Delivery

Sorting through the day's mail.  Coming across an oversized envelope addressed to my son.  Mike Gibson.  Tearing it open.  Discovering a Tiffany & Co. holiday catalogue inside.  From the famous jewellery store.  Chuckling to myself.  Unable to recall ever receiving one addressed to our home.  Flipping through pages adorned with images of pricey gift items.  Set against the renowned robin egg blue background. Wondering about his name being included on this mailing list. Thinking about his nature, even as a young child.  Very much a romantic.  This booklet perhaps connected to the level their relationship had progressed to around Valentine's Day this year.  Never knowing. Only imagining.  Finding it quite amusing.


Breathing Life said...

a wink and a nod from Mike - maybe he wants you to order something????

Gena said...

Curious that the only bling I've ever bought from Tiffany's was for you.