Thursday, November 17, 2011

All Three Coming Through

Another magnificent evening.  Attending a mediumship demonstration at ISA.  All three coming through together.  Silently asking for this scenario before the session began.  Michael doing all the talking.  Kelly standing quietly by his side.  Diesel there with them too.  Appearing in order to share messages.  The medium transmitting the information. Suggesting getting out more.  Checking out the support group again. Spending less time home alone.  Wanting to see me happy.  Michael radiating powerful energy affirming the loving connection we share. Smiling that million dollar smile.  Reminding me of the deep bond we have.  Pointing out he knows it is something I still very much feel. Mentioning that missing them is understandable.  Particularly considering how recently it all occurred.  All of this information creating a slight shift.  Carrying me forward again.  Smiling.  Feeling positive and uplifted.  Much lighter in my heart.

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