Wednesday, November 16, 2011


People occasionally asking, "Is it getting easier yet?"  Finding myself wondering what that even means.  Easier?  Implying less difficult, less pain, less discomfort.  Unsure how to answer.  What are we measuring? Eight months into grieving the loss of a child.   The phrase WTF still surfacing many times a day.  Not experiencing a single wakeful hour without thinking of him.  Of them.  An improvement over every few minutes.  Does this qualify?  Overall, understanding the question to be a form of caring.  Wondering how things are going.  Innocently asking. Truthfully answering, "As well as can be expected". 

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Gena said...

Having no children of my own, I know that I cannot possibly understand the depth of your grief. That being said, I still wonder if grieving isn't somewhat like meditating in that what we first seek in meditation is to lengthen the space/time between thoughts.