Friday, July 22, 2011

Paradise in a Parking Lot

We pull up to an older motel complex alongside the highway. Tired looking room with basic decor and amenities.  Looks and smells like it has passed its prime.  Bend is close to fully booked so it will do.  After exploring the town and enjoying a tasty lunch, it is time for a break.  My husband suggests we check out the small pool, conveniently located in the middle of our motel parking lot.  Separated from the asphalt by a mesh fence, no more.  I envision cracked cement, peeling paint, and dozens of fellow vacationers splashing around in what amounts to an over sized bath tub.  Upon opening the gate, I am thoroughly surprised.  The entire area is completely renovated, everything looks brand new.  Pale blue pool with glistening white tile.  Shiny aluminum ladder and handrail.  Crystal clear water.  Comfortable lounge chairs on a clean stone patio. And no one there. With the pool to myself,  I spend three quarters of an hour swimming mini laps, mesmerized by the beauty of the sunlight dancing on the pool floor.  With the sun on my back, the rest of the world falls away. A form of meditation.  I am gliding in that magnificent space where the air meets the water.   Existing in both realms simultaneously.  Pure bliss.  I found paradise in a parking lot.


Gena said...

Awwwww, that is so sweet. Swimming can be so meditative:I love doing the backstroke in my mom's pool, looing up at the clear blue sky, the sun warming my face.

Gena said...

Hey: They paved the parking lot and put in a paradise.

Vera said...

Isn't it the best?