Monday, July 4, 2011

Finished Painting

A couple of summers ago, Michael asked if he could borrow my paints and a blank canvas.  That afternoon, he and Kelly set up the easel in the backyard adding colour to that empty canvas together.  As I contemplate this 18x14 artwork, my eyes travel along the perimeter from the green tree to a pink rose and around to the various geometric shapes done in primary colours.  Over to a blue flower, and a blueberry perhaps? Located in the centre of the painting is a fiery red, yellow and orange form.  Possibly flower petals or flames.  Half of the canvas still remains white.  I kept waiting for them to complete this unfinished work.  Today I finally understand that it is finished.  A creative and visual representation of their time here.  Not lives cut short, unfinished.  Rather, lives experienced as they needed to be.  Then moving on.

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Gena said...

Interesting that they both painted on the same canvas. It's a metaphor for their life/time together on earth.