Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last Known Photo

When I first saw the photo, I could hardly believe my eyes.  The last known picture taken of my son. February 20th.  Standing at the ocean's edge looking directly into the camera held by his best friend.  Arms stretched out wide.  The ever present sunglasses obscuring the expression in his eyes.  A barely perceptible grin on his face replacing that 1000 watt smile seen in most other shots.  What is his pose implying?  Behold.  Here I am.  Come take me, I am ready.  I am connected to all of this.  Look at all this magnificence.  I embrace the world.  Some of this or none of it?  I will never be sure of what he was thinking or feeling in that moment, but I will continue to wonder.

(Posted as my Facebook profile picture today)

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Gena said...

I copied the photo into the FB album I made for him. I looked at him, his body language,the cigarette in his left hand and decided on the caption "The world was his oyster."