Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intuition Speaks, I Listen

As I prepare to meet with the tattoo artist later today to discuss the design honouring Michael and Kelly, I reflect on my first one. Seven years ago, while running near the cabin, I heard a message loud and clear - You need to get a tattoo.  What?  A tattoo?  This was not something I had been considering at all.  A phoenix located on your root chakra at the base of your spine.  Talk about specifics.  I contemplated what this mythical bird represented and what it might look like but I had very little knowledge.  Scouring the internet for images and further insight, I soon realized that this powerful bird resonated deeply. The suggested placement was no mystery since the root chakra was the grounding force and connection to life.  I then learned that the first annual Vancouver Tattoo Convention would be held the following weekend.  Of course it would. Shortly thereafter, I knew what my tattoo would look like and committed to having it done.  During this process, I also recalled that eight years prior, my aunt had called to pass on a message she had received for me  - You are the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Rebirth.  This magnificent bird is located where I can only see the reflected image of it.  However, just knowing it is there continues to serve me well.


Gena said...

Oh my, how well I remember the day you got that tattoo, and how I wish I could be with you when you get the new one.

Vera said...

I was so grateful that you were there keeping me distracted for those three hours! I've booked this one for mid September since I don't want to miss swimming in the lake this summer!

Gena said...

Awesome, as my GD would say! Please can I go with you this time as well?