Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Incredible Communication Network

After a restorative week away, it was time to return home.  A short wait time posted for the Peace Arch border crossing, so that was our pick.  It had been years since we last took this route.  Upon re-entering Canada,  I powered up my iPhone.  While awaiting reactivation, I realized that my mother's grave site was only a short distance away.  Three months since my last visit so we decided to stop by.  Then, glancing down at my iPhone, I noticed there was notification of a lone voicemail message.  Pulling into Victory Memorial cemetery I pushed play and heard Boal Memorial informing me that the plaque had been mounted on Michael's space in the wall.  It was now complete.  What uncanny timing.  Date that message was left?  Friday.  Friday night was when the third dream involving Michael and Kelly occurred.  Concerning a family discussion about a possible gathering at the Capilano Wall after both the plaques were placed.  Are you kidding me?  This incredible communication network continues to amaze me.

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