Monday, August 22, 2011

Willow Energy

The majestic weeping willow stands at the shore.  Matriarch of the ground upon which the cabin was built.  A younger one nearby, planted in honour of my mother's passing.  Powerful symbols of psychic and intuitive energies.  Embodying properties the ancients attributed to them.  Powers of wisdom, intuition, dreams, emotions and rebirth. When first stepping onto this land in the spring of 2000, the dynamic energy was instantly recognizable.  A year later, intuition prompting me to explore connections to this property using my pendulum.  Probing past life associations family members may have had to this area.  Shown that Michael and I were the only ones.  He my daughter, I his father.  This willow connection running deep.  My paternal grandmother born in the German town of Wiedenbrück, or Willow Bridge.  Willow energy.  Profoundly embedded in me.

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Gena said...

The weeping willow has always struck me as a magical tree.