Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sublime Summer Day

Saturday, so much fun.  Under cloudy skies, we set off on the motorcycle.  A day for meandering, no agenda.  Up on the ferry deck, the very welcomed appearance of the sun.  Then off to a friend's ocean side cottage for a short but cherished visit.  Back on the road, made our way up the coast.  Bodies caressed by the warm summer breeze.  Exploration of nooks and crannies along the route before stumbling upon the perfect spot for a late lunch.  Painted Boat Resort.  Quaint name, delicious food, idyllic setting.  Filled with gratitude and contentment, it was time to head back.  A stop for coffee and desert en route.   Seaside stroll as well.   Return trip on the ferry, followed by a short ride for the last leg of our journey.  Interrupted by an impulsive stop along the way at the outdoor wedding of a daughter's friend.   To give the young bride a hug.  What a sublime summer day.

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Gena said...

What a perfect day! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.