Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Corpse Pose

During the last pose in a hatha yoga class.  Often it is here where the wisdom is heard.  Sanskrit name, Savasana.  The sound of the word itself relaxing.  Shaaavaaasaaanaaa - ahhh.  English translation, Corpse pose.  Lying on one's back with legs and arms resting outward at a slight angle, eyes closed.  Where relaxation permeates my entire being.  In this blissful meditative state, the awareness arrived.  Making the connection that some seek to create this extraordinary experience through the use of alcohol, drugs, and other mind altering agents.  This choice often followed by detrimental, and even potentially fatal side effects.  Contrast that with Savasana.  An opportunity for a natural 'high'.  Opening one to numerous possible side effects as well. Such as feeling infused with a deep sense of calm and contentment.   Being reminded of one's connection to all that is.  Experiencing the blurring of the lines between here and there.  All free.  All good.

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Gena said...

I once had an out-of-body experience while lying in Savasana. I floated right out into space, much like Google Earth does. It was an amazing feeling to break free of my earthly ties. Just another groovy experience courtesy of yoga. Rock on, yogini!