Saturday, September 22, 2012

Diluted Experiences

Sharing a meal with family.  Sipping coffee with a friend.  Walking the dog.  Spending time at the playground with a child.  Out on a date with a lover.  Various scenarios offering invaluable possibilities for meaningful connection and engagement.  In the course of a day, observing individuals in each of these situations opting to dilute the experiences.  Choosing to direct energy and attention to lengthy cell phone communication with others instead.  Distracting them from the gift of the here and now.  Leaving me to wonder if they would consider taking up the challenge of being fully present.  Putting down the phone during those precious moments.  Embracing the opportunity to pick up their life instead.


Gena said...
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Gena said...

No kidding. The almighty cell phone has become and addictive cyber-soother for many users: Whenever the present moment becomes too much (or not enough), turn on the phone, put the here and now on hold, and connect via satellite to the rest of your virtual life.