Monday, September 5, 2011

Moment to Moment

Out for a run in the sun.  Pondering the expression, "One day at a time".  Using it often.  Realizing that perhaps, "One moment at a time" might be more accurate.   Reflecting on the previous evening.  Still early.  Playing Scrabble on the patio.  Warm air, lush greenery, wispy pink clouds against a pale blue sky.  Thoroughly enjoying it all.  Then suddenly, in all that magnificence, feeling a pang of anguish in my chest.  As if a knife were piercing my heart.  Three of Swords card in the Tarot deck.  Why?  For a fleeting moment, expecting  Mike and Kelly to walk in the back door, come out back, pull up some chairs and share highlights of their day.  Then, just as quickly as that image had appeared, the realization followed.   It would not be so.  All of this washed over and through me within seconds.  A few tears shed.  Shortly thereafter, smiling at the beauty of the half moon and the antics of the birds in the fountain.  This is how it flows.  Moment to moment.

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