Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Illuminating Visit

Invited to their townhouse to share an evening meal.  A visit with extended family.  Enjoying tasty appetizers in the living room.  Then taking our seats around their dining room table.  Beneath the glistening chandelier.  Chatting, eating, and laughing together.   Halfway through, mentioning Michael's name.  Prompted by the topic of conversation.  The light bulbs above instantly beginning a flickering dance. This chandelier once again showing us that his energy was there.  My daughter and I making eye contact.  The five of us in awe.  Big smiles all around.  Gratefully witnessing it first hand.  The oscillating bulbs indicating his obvious presence for close to half an hour.  Then settling back down into a steady glow.  Lingering over desert.  Once again reassured of his continued existence.  So thankful for his illuminating visit!  

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